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Today Can Make A Difference desire is to encourage by the words of our testimonies.
Share your testimony, a testimony of something you know. Something you have experienced or seen. When our lives are transformed, changed, it is for God’s glory and our good. He is not a respecter of persons, so what He has done for one He will do for all. So when you share your testimony of answered prayers in your life and others I will be encouraged by the words of your testimony. You may be throwing someone a life preserver.
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"I Love You Lord"
•• Read Laurie Klein's testimony behind the son

I had placed a few frozen biscuits in the toster oven. The boys started to bark; there he was, walking down the road. He was in a mess; he had been sleeping in his clothes. TAKE HIM A BISCUIT. Just as the oven bell rang, Mike walked by again. I wrapped a biscuit in foil & found Mike on the beach. I asked if he would like to share my butter biscuits! After handing Mike the biscuit & a pepsi, he thanked me for the help. I asked if we could pray, & he dropped his head & said, please. I thought of all the things I could pray for, but my prayer was that our Father would quicken Mike's spirit of the tremendious need he had for a savior & to open his eyes to the love God has for him. Mike walked off with tears rolling down his cheeks. Thursday night, we heard someone at our door. It was the beach police. They had picked Mike up. He had been ruffed up & left on the beach. Mike told the police he knew me, so they brought him to my house. It was dark so I did not get a good look at Mike. Not knowing the shape he was in, I let him sleep in the breezeway for the night. The next morning I shook Mike & he did not respond. First thought, he had died. I agressively I shook him & he moved, thank you Lord. I can not find the words to describe Mike's condition. I began to pray for his physical life. There was nothing in my past to prepare me for this. I moved Mike to the garage. The first step was to take care of his physical needs. That afternoon I called Care, trying to find out what was best for him. Their recommendation was to give him gator aid, peanuts & a multi purpose vitamin. It would take four to six weeks at best for his body to detoxify. For the next two days, I checked on Mike often. I know understand the meaning of to pray conseutatively. After four days of Mike & God alone in the garage, he came to my door a bit shaky, but a walking, talking miracle. Not just a miracle, but one of those times where you can not explain what had happened around you. A super natural manifestation of not only God's love & grace but His healing power, here on this earth (a garage). Bringing Mike back from near death. The next day Mike was ready to clean up with a bath & clean clothes. You should have seen Mike, my first thoughts were God is so Good. For the next three days, we talked. I told him that God had a plan of good, & a future of hope. Mike felt the enemy of alcohol would surely kill him if there ever was a next time. Equipped with a daily devotional, a bible & the knowledge that he had a savior, Jesus Christ, & his sins had been forgiven, he now had a new beginning, & a future with hope. Mike hugged me & said I love you & stepped on the bus. I was flooded with emotion as I watched the bus leave the terminal. I felt that God had paid me a visit.
Today Can Make A Difference.   

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